Day 4 in Boulder

We took a break from driving for a day and spent two nights in Denver. We were lucky enough to be able to connect with old family (and Taylor Statten Camp) friends Cindy and Rick, who showed us around Boulder and gave us some excellent recommendations for our impending drive through the Rockies and Utah. 

We spent the day in the Boulder area visiting and touring, in wonderful company. Boulder is right at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 5430 feet. It is about 40 km NW of Denver. We had lunch by the poolside of the Boulder Country Club πŸ’†. However, the highlight for me had to be riding in the foothills along South Boulder Creek (I think!?) with Cindy. Joshua and Bertie came with, of course, on foot. 

That evening we took some time to map out the second half of our drive, across the Continental Divide. 


  1. So beautiful, what a great day off from driving! I'm so glad you connected with Cindy and Rick.

  2. Such a dream!! 🐴🐴🐢🀎⛰


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