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West Coast, Best Coast?

Well folks, it is less than a month until we commence our Eastbound road trip HOME! A year, a lot of hand sanitizer, many surgical masks, four vaccines (between us), and one election later, our time in LA County is coming to an end. Road trip 2.0 here we come! We will be leaving on July 20 to begin our journey, with a repeat of our drive through the LA to Denver, CO corridor. However, from there we are taking a different route to change things up. I think we will drive through Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and then West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts and... Vermont! Vermont is our next chapter and we are very excited about this move. More on that later. We are also very excited to be back in Canada for a good chunk of August, to reunite with friends and family, as well as celebrate at our postponed wedding reception.  How to sum our year up? Well, we saw a lot and ate a lot and Josh worked a lot!  Now to my question: What of the common turn of phrase "West Coast, Be

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